Citizens Accountability Group Meeting, Monday March 25th, 5:30-7:30PM

Citizens Accountability Group Meeting

Monday March 25th


NK Free Library

100 Boone St, North Kingstown

Come join us as we organize our group to efficiently and effectively gather and distribute information that is important to the Citizens of North Kingstown.

There are far too many things going on inside our Town and our Schools for people to keep up with everything on their own. We need to join together, and spread out the hard work of keeping an eye on things.

It is clear that it took a huge effort to get the word out about the Bond Referendum last November. Without that effort, voter turnout would have been far lower. And the future of our Town would have been decided by just a fraction of our residents.

The upcoming election in November will be pivotal in deciding who is running our Town and our Schools, as well as how millions of your tax dollars are spent.

Let’s get together and get the information out to as many people as we can.

Discussion Topics

  • How can we use our website, social media, and traditional media to distribute information
  • What resources do we currently have available to us
  • Attending or watching meetings and summarizing key points of information
  • Identifying methods to have questions asked, and answered by Town officials
  • Reaching out to more residents