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School Committee Building Subcommittee Meeting 18 April 2024, 5:00 PM

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Perkins Eastman’s architect presented 4 overviews and costing options that included “building new” and/or “renovating” the Wickford and Davisville Middle Schools. (Video Mark 5:57)
– Building Sub-Committee members discussed the merits of building new vs renovating the Middle Schools as well as the district wide (Elementary, Middle, and High School) repairs and upgrades (Capital Improvement Plan) requirements (Video Mark 35:10)
– With ‘much hesitancy’ the majority of the BS-C voted a bond recommendation to the School Committee that included:
  • – Building a new Wickford Middle School.
  • – Partially updating Davisville Middle School.
  • – Less than 50% of the School District Capital Improvement Plan requirements.
– BS-C member and School Committee Chair Earle abstained from the vote due to the last-minute distribution of information to be voted on. Additionally, BS-C member Mollis responded to a query advising that North Kingstown can expect additional bonds over the next 3-5 years. (Video Mark 1:17:10)